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Before you go ahead to contact us, here are some helpful questions and answers that have been provided by learnanythingo community of students and instructors. If you still don’t get the right answer, drop your question here or chat with us online.

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How Do I Earn as a Student

  1. For every activity you make online, you are rewarded with cash in Naira inside your account. You are rewarded each time you enroll in a course, answer quizzes, submit assignments and several other online activities that keeps you learning. WE WANT YOU TO KEEP MAKING MONEY WHILE YOU LEARN.
  2. As a Student on Learn Anything, you can earn more money by REFERRING OTHER STUDENTS to join, on your profile, you have a referral link, always provide your referral link to your friends, family and anyone so that they can join the online learning platform. You receive 30% COMMISSION on everyone you refer to learn anything immediately they enroll and pay for a course.

Can I contact my Instructors physically?

Yes you can contact your course Instructor from your Student Dashboard directly, once you contact your instructor, they get an email immediately and you can wait for their response. If the response is getting delayed, contact LearnAnythingO administrators from your dashboard or live chat, we will go ahead to contact your administrator and they must attend to you immediately.

How Can I Withdraw My Earned Cash

You can used your earned cash to enroll for another course if all the cash you have earned are from online activities. You can also withdraw your earned cash if the cash you earned is made from referring other students who already paid for a course.

How Can I Learn Offline

LearnAnythingO can be used both offline and online, you can learn offline by downloading the course outline or request for a video CD or eBook of the course outline. You will still need to come online to do submit your Assignments and take exams so that we can accredit you and have analytics of your performance. You also earn money for turning in your assignments on deadline. Each assignments and exam are based on time deadline which starts counting from the day you download or receive the shipped offline media.

Can I Learn on Mobile

Yes Learn AnythingO is mobile responsive, you can also download the Android and IOS version so that you can learn from the comfort of your home without the computer.

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